Jesse Techno

Fallen Brother

A Tribute to Our Brother,
Tim Ahrens, Fire Lt./ EMT


It is so difficult to watch our world slowly return to normal without our brother, Tim Ahrens among us. Tim went to be with Our Dear Lord on February 7, and it already seems so long ago. What has stunned all of the firefighters of Utopia VFD is that one moment he was here and then the next, it seems, he was gone. . . so suddenly.


No one ever saw Tim without that sparkle in his eyes and that purposeful pace with which he walked. He had a happy heart and always had a smile nearby. There was never a project too great or too insignificant for him to tackle with all the energy he possessed. We have been blessed by his amazing intelligence, which resulted in our small rural fire department holding a treasure trove of state of the art communications equipment. He was always able to trouble shoot our radio problems, by placing a high priority on the task at hand.


Speaking of priorities. . . his family was his heart and soul. He dearly loved all of his daughters and of course, his wonderful wife, Kris. As Chief Rutherford said during Tim’s funeral service, his family’s needs came well ahead of the fire department or EMS duties. I was amazed when he would bring Cassie and Izzy to our meetings because he “had them.” Those two small girls would busy themselves with coloring or watch DVDs and we would not even know they were there. How much fun it was to see them in their Halloween costumes! I just know that their memories of Tim as a father will live always in their hearts.


As a tribute to Tim’s memory, let’s be sure to keep the Ahrens family in the forefront of our hearts to give them the reassurance that although their Daddy and husband is not physically here, every member of the fire department is more than willing to step up and help.


We also need to recognize the efforts of so many people that made our farewell and final salute to Tim a warm, loving, and moving celebration of his life. Special thanks go out from our hearts to the following organizations and people:


Turtle Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Kerrville Fire Department

Bandera County EMS (backfilled our EMS station)

Tarpley Volunteer Fire Department (backfilled our Fire Station)

Bandera County Dispatch and Supervisor (executed the Last Call for Tim perfectly)

Doug Carlyle who arranged for military honors from Leakey VFW (thanks to them as well)

Trooper Eric Morgan, DPS Bagpiper (“Coming Home “and “Amazing Grace” - - - beautiful!)

Jim Mangum, Uvalde County Constable and Rod Chalmers, Bandera County Constable, for security and traffic control

Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office for traffic control

Rhonda and John Garofano and Utopia Volunteer EMS who partnered with us and shared the load


To Tim’s family we send our condolences and love. By faith we are assured that even though his physical body is no longer among us, his spirit is always here with us all. We are reassured despite this heavy loss that we will see him again when it is our turn to be with Our God.


If you would like to help the family finically:
1. An account has been setup at the local bank.
2. Living Waters Church is taking donations.